Wild At Home,
The First Virtual
Nature Reserve

Experience Wild at Home and immerse yourself in nature with 360º films that can be watched on any device.

EarthXR is proud to partner with Wild Immersion endorsed by Jane Goodall to present Wild at Home! Wild Immersion inspires wonder through stunning encounters with wildlife in their natural habitats for viewers at home or in the classroom, helping to deepen our connection with both ourselves and nature. Encounter wildlife and explore Africa, Asia-Oceania, and the Amazon through interactive 360º videos from your computer, smartphone or tablet. See below for the release schedule of adventures from September 21st through December 20th.

Africa: Part One

Sept 21 – Dec 20

Have you ever wanted to go on a safari? Now the African savannah comes to you! Get a close up view of giraffes, zebras and more of Africa’s most iconic species.

(Enjoy the 360º experience by turning your phone or tablet up, down and side to side. On your computer – click your mouse on the video screen and drag to turn the video.)

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Africa: Part Two

Oct 5 – Dec 20

Your journey continues into the African savannah. Travel with a herd of elephants and watch a tower of grazing giraffes.

(Enjoy the 360º experience by turning your phone or tablet up, down and side to side. On your computer – click your mouse on the video screen and drag to turn the video.)

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Part One – Oct 22 – Dec 20
Part Two – Nov 2 – Dec 20

An unforgettable journey through the varied landscapes and climates of the Eastern world, including a welcome by a family of Sri Lankan animal friends and a jump to Australia to meet koalas, seals, and other endearing wildlife.

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Coming Soon: Amazon

Part One – Nov 16 – Dec 20
Part Two – Dec 30 – Dec 20

Dive into the heart of the Amazon rainforests to explore the rich diversity of animal species from sloths to jaguars, experience lush landscapes and learn about the threats the inhabitants of the rainforests face.

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EarthXR Presents Wild Immersion Endorsed by Jane Goodall

Coming to Dallas, the new EarthXR virtual reality venue will inspire audiences to explore the heart and soul of nature through audiovisual journeys across the globe and beyond.


EarthXR, a subdivision of EarthX, is dedicated to interactive storytelling designed to further engage and inspire environmental awareness through immersive technology. Our parent organization, EarthX, is an international environmental organization, connecting a global community to create a sustainable world and future generations.

To help make this experience possible, EarthX has partnered with French virtual reality filmmakers Wild Immersion, who aim to reconnect humans with the natural world through raising awareness to conserve wildlife using their VR experiences. “Our urgency, next to that of our own safety, is to protect biodiversity, which is both a tremendous gift from our Mother Earth and an important component of our global life cycle. Wild at Home proposes to educate audiences in the safety of their homes on the threats that our animals and their habitats face, so everyone can become part of a global solution to preserve our life on earth.” says Adrien Moisson. Wild Immersion is endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall, the world-renowned primatologist, ethologist and United Nations Messenger of Peace. For more information about EarthX and EarthXR, please visit

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Ethical, educational and environmentally friendly.

Galitt Kennan, director of The Jane Goodall Institute

Watch wild animals eyelash-close on an African safari, cruise the Arctic floes, explore the depths of the Amazon and the world’s oceans, all while barely leaving the spot: it’s an immersive adventure…


Nuzzle a panda, kiss a lioness: Jane Goodall takes us on her wildest adventure yet.

The Guardian

It’s totally different, actually, to TV because the animals are walking around. You can turn around and follow them. It’s extraordinary, you probably see more than people who go on tours with cars.”

Dr. Jane Goodall, Variety

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